About us


Overview and history

Dr. Didier Nimal is the founder and CEO of OsseoMatrix. He knows by experience how difficult it is to repair bone losses that range from moderate to severe. He has worked in the medical industry for the Institut Pasteur and then for leading companies in the medical implants sector. He dedicates himself to developing a solution that would be less invasive and less painful for the patient than traditional treatments.


In 2009, he founded OsseoMatrix® and invented a direct 3D printing proprietary process for bioceramics. This breakthrough innovation was developed in collaboration with multidisciplinary research teams specialized in biology (CNRS), biomaterials (Ecole des Mines) and process engineering (CEA). It enables the manufacturing of third generation implants. These implants are patient-specific by using medical imaging of the patient, in order to perfectly fit the shape of the bone loss. Their composition is similar to bone mineral and their inner porosity is programmed to guide the bone healing process. They provide an alternative solution to bone graft and the required surgical procedure is minimally invasive. This new approach optimizes the cost and the effectiveness of the treatment of orthopedic and craniomaxillofacial segmental bone losses over 2 cm.

Vision and mission

Our vision

By using new technologies, the Internet, digital imaging and the revolution brought by 3D printing, OsseoMatrix offers an innovative solution to surgeons and patients. The amount of informations and the speed of Internet exchanges allow to easily transfer high definition medical imaging. Osseomatrix combines these data with computer-aided design technology to create patient-specific solutions adapted to the anatomy. This is a major milestone for bone loss treatment. By developing this process of synthetic bone 3D printing, OsseoMatrix positions itself as a precursor of a new generation of implants. The composition of these implants is very close to mineral bone and is perfectly adapted to bone loss treatment, as the designed porosity guides the bone healing process. The economic and medical stakes of this emerging technology are a less traumatic and more accurate surgical technique as well as an easier recovery for the patient.

Our research team and our partners – biologists, clinicians, engineers – are combining their efforts in tissue bioengineering to offer the most performant solutions for hard tissues loss, like bone and cartilage loss.

Our mission

The efforts of OsseoMatrix are focused on designing, manufacturing and selling synthetic bone implants. These implants have a composition that is very close to mineral bone, and are designed in collaboration with the surgeons by means of a 3D printing proprietary process. This technology replaces the harvesting of bone grafts on another anatomical place, thus halving the duration of the surgery, and reducing surgical risks of infection or haemorrhage as well as postoperative pain. The duration of the hospital stay is shortened, and the cost and effectiveness of the bone loss treatment are significantly optimized.

Management Board


Dr Didier Nimal

Founder and current CEO of OsseoMatrix, Dr Didier Nimal holds a Doctorate in Dental Surgery (D.D.S.) and biology, and graduted from the MBA degree of the EM Lyon. From very early on, he worked on clinical treatment of bone loss. He held key positions for leading companies in the biology and medical implants sector (Pasteur, Nobelbiocare, Entific Medical Systems, Cochlear…).


Miriam Guenidez

As a CAD engineer , Miriam is responsible for the CAD process chain, upstream of the manufacturing process. She graduated from the École des Hautes Études d’Ingénieur (HEI – French for School of High Studies in Engineering) with a specialisation in biomechanics at Saginaw Valley State University (MI, USA).


Myriam Garcia

Myriam is OsseoMatrix’s quality engineer. She runs the quality management system (SMQ). She makes sure that OsseoMatrix meets standards and regulatory requirements.

Values and commitments


OsseoMatrix is committed to bring innovative solutions for bone loss treatment. The expectations of surgeons and patients are at the heart of our concerns. This commitment for excellence has led us to develop a motivated and pluridisciplinary team that gathers outstanding talents and is always ready to listen to the needs of clinicians.


Scientific board


Georges Taillandier

Current chairman of the AFPR (French Association for Rapid Prototyping and Additive Manufacturing), Georges Taillandier was head of the prototyping department at Dassault Aviation. He is also the author of a book: Le prototypage rapide (Rapid Prototyping) published by Hermes editions. He brings OsseoMatrix his expertise as a technical advisor.


Dr Hervé Petite

As an expert in the field of bone tissue biology, Hervé Petite is currently head of the  CNRS/INSERM Biology Biomecanics service (B2OA) at the Université Paris VII, founding member of Sorbonne Paris Cité.


Pr Didier Hannouche

Didier Hannouche is an orthopaedic surgeon who works at the Lariboisière hospital, as well as a specialist of orthopaedic bone tissue repairing.


Pr Alain Bernard

Alain Bernard, who graduated from the ENS Cachan, was head of the research department at the Ecole Centrale de Nantes. He is now a renowned CAD/CAM expert.


Pr Jean-Marie Gaillard

As previous research manager of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Céramique Industrielle de Limoges (Industrial Ceramics School), Jean-Marie Gaillard is a ceramic processing expert and contributed to major developments in rapid prototyping of technical ceramics.